Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Super 8 Movies

Super 8 film is experiencing a renaissance—and thank goodness for it! In general, there is nothing like using film to capture the moving image. I believe the unique look of Super 8 is becoming popularized again because of the film’s gritty texture, which is just so genuine and magical. To be honest, I’ve become bored with slick, super clean images. The Super 8 clip above looks like its vintage 1960s, right? It’s actually my husband and I after our wedding ceremony this past summer. It’s my favorite picture from the big day. We didn’t have access to a lot of Super 8 film, so our cinematographer shot with two cameras and the final product mixes Super 8 sequences with digital video to supreme effect. I highly recommend Super 8 for any special life event you want to celebrate—the end result will be dreamy and super cool. Filmmaker Paul Krover shares more on what he has coined the Super 8 “Retro-lution". 

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