Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vintage Vera Neumann Linen Dishcloth

I'm mad about Vera! Years ago when I worked in television, I produced a segment on textile designer Vera Neumann and became an instant fan. A friend gifted me a complete set of vintage Vera cloth napkins for my wedding shower last summer that are in mint condition--I was so floored--I had to ask her if she really wanted to part with them! The dishcloth above belonged to my Great Aunt Edna. My dear Aunt recently passed away and left behind a troth of stylish items. I owe my fashion and design sensibility to my Aunt Edna--she really encouraged my creativity, even during my misguided blue eyeliner and blue mascara phase--and so, in her honor, I'll often refer to her on the blog and tag her in my labels. I believe Aunt Edna's Vera cloth was from the early 60s because the ladybug is the same size as the signature.

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