Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fashion, Africa, and Animism


Image by Viviane Sassen via Nowness.

The title of today's blog reflects the content of this interview with photographer Vivianne Sassen. The image above is from her Light Trip In Tanzania series. I stumbled across all of this on the new LVMH sponsored site "Nowness"--which I think is ultra cool. In the New York Times, Nowness is described by the site's digital vice president, Kamel Ouadi, as "a subtle, discreet and elegant way to offer original, interesting and ever-changing content to intelligent and aspirational people — and those who are already embedded in the digital culture." This is a concept that stays in trend--being embedded in digital culture. As an educator, I feel its imperative to be in trend and conversant with the emergent media(s) of our times--its important for me to speak the language of myriad generations. How else can you expect to engage in any meaningful way if you don't speak the language(s) of those you intend to educate and collaborate with? Its important to stay in the flow--for me its a principle of practice/theory.

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