Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Artisanal Food Carts and Trucks

Image via New York Magazine.

So long lunch truck, mobile food vending is on the rise! First it was the cupcake and gourmet coffee trucks, and I read in New York Magazine last week that the Artisanal Grilled-Cheese Truck is making its debut at the Brooklyn Flea later this year. Also in NYC, the Fojol Bros. of Merlindia serve up buttered chicken (and have coined themselves a traveling culinary carnival). In Seattle, Skillet serves up Thai cured confit of duck. In San Francisco, the food cart meetups feature gourmand delights such as crème brûlée, curries, and Amuse Bouche whose menu includes apple strudel and pear tarts alongside mini chai teas for a dollar. And, with the help of social media, many of these foodie enterprises work to transform the landscape of business interaction by tweeting customers their changing locations.

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