Thursday, January 14, 2010

Interview with Rebecca Ward

A few weeks ago we blogged about Rebecca's Kate Spade installations. Below is her interview with us.

rebecca ward 
seventeen is sharp
electrical tape, vinyl adhesive
kansas city, mo
charolotte street foundation/urban culture project

rebecca ward 
black mountains
electrical tape, adhesive graphic film
istanbul, turkey
milk gallery

Name: Rebecca Ward
Profession: artist/time traveler/secret agent/spy
City of Birth: Waco, Texas

Tell us about your current project: Right now my biggest projects are my grad school applications!

What is your current obsession? Molecular Biology.

Can you recall a particular event that inspired your artistic practice? In 5th grade I was coloring this cat with some crayola markers. I remember very specifically that I wanted the cat to be bright orange and pink. My friend Alyson exclaimed at me from across the table, “Didn’t your mother ever tell you that pink and orange clash?!” I didn’t care, I knew my pink and orange cat was going to be awesome and that pink and orange secretly belonged together, somehow, somewhere, in a perfect harmony. I think that was an important moment in my artistic development.

Where do you find your inspiration? Mostly from materials that are seductive or just plain irresistible.

What's the one thing that everyone must know about you? On a good night, I dream in rainbows.

What was your biggest fork in the road? Artistically speaking, seventh grade art class.

What was your biggest break? The first shows I had right out of college. They led to my involvement in a larger art scene and granted me many other opportunities to connect with people and create more installations.

What do you do everyday without fail? Drink coffee.

What are you reading right now? An article about the discovery of an ocean covered planet.

What's your favorite website? The Morning News.

Favorite museum or gallery? P.S.1

Favorite restaurant or watering hole? Trudy’s in Austin, Texas (I can't resist margaritas and queso)

What’s your biggest wish? Make a decent living doing crazy things like tape installations (and travel the globe while doing it!)

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