Monday, January 4, 2010

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Image via momofuku.

My husband and I enjoyed a late night dinner here recently. We really like it. He ordered the dinner prix fixe of which I sampled his warm beet salad with shaved fennel, radish, and lardo. I've noticed that all things seem to be "piggly" at the trendy eateries in the city, with many of the menus prominently featuring roast pork, bacon, lardo (which I admit was, for me, a revelation), etc.. I chose the ginger scallion noodles for my entrée, which featured roasted cauliflower as a twist and a sheet of nori nestled in the bowl like a feather in a fedora. My husband feasted on the roast pork and grilled ridichio which we believe was braised in a balsamic reduction. I'm ususally really clumsy with chopsticks (well, in all actuality, I'm clumsy in general!), but that night I managed the sticks elegantly and swiftly--for me, a triumph! We were seated right in front of the open kitchen (BLT Fish has one that I just love!) and, as a budding gourmette, I was intrigued by the cook crew poaching eggs, stuffing pork buns, zipping by with platters of chicken wings, and preparing steaming bowls of noodles. Plus, I love that the menu features cuisine that is asian + southern + chinese + japanese + korean--a mélange of culinary texture that is wholeheartedly American.

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